Snowmaking Hose Repair

CHS Snowmakers offers snowmaking hose repair for 1.5″, 2″ and 2.5″ snowmaking hose.  We repair most brands (some restrictions apply) and pressure test each hose before certifying the repair.  Here are some suggestions prior to shipping your hose to CHS Snowmakers:
1. Mark damaged areas, bad sections, or cut out bad sections of hose.
2. Clean and dry hose to reduce shipping weight.
3. Cut hose to desired length.
4. Include fittings with the hose for re-coupling, make sure to leave 1″ of old hose on coupling to identify what brand hose it is for.
5. Don’t send hose that blew due to normal operating pressure without visible signs of prior damage, the hose may be past its life expectancy.
6. Contact CHS Snowmakers prior to shipping hose for instructions.

We have basic pricing for hose repair, but each hose is different and may vary in price from another.  Here is a list of items for pricing on 1.5″ and 2″ hose repair.  Contact us for 2.5″ hose repair pricing.
1. $20  –  We identify the damaged section of hose, cut out damaged section, and couple new coupling.
2. $15 (per coupling)  –  You send hose cut to length, we do not need to find damage spot and we couple fitting.
3. $15  –  Pressure test hose to 800 psi up to 50′ section.
4. $5 (estimate)  –  Expansion ring and tail gasket for coupling used fittings.
5. $20 to $40 range for a coupling (estimate)  – New camlock couplings vary in price depending on size and male or female.  Extra coupling parts available including face gaskets, cam rings, cam arms and cam pins.

We mark every hose with a number and document the work performed.

We can’t provide a warranty for hose repair, but when the hose is pressure tested, we are confident it is ready for snowmaking.

Here are some limitations for hose repairs we have discovered.  This is not intended to degrade other brands of hose, just our observations of many years of repairing snowmaking hose.

1. JGB hose – hose over 5 years old maybe difficult to recouple and get to seal on the tail gasket.  We may do several fittings without any issues and one hose may have a difficult time sealing.
2. Techno Alpin and Growag hose – these hoses typically use two expansion rings.  There is extra expense for the second expansion ring, but the process is longer than most hoses and we must charge an extra $5 per coupling.
3. Ratnik hose, vintage 2012 to 2015 – we are unclear as to how many years this hose was sold for, but it is in this date range.  The 2″ hose has had a very high failure rate with the high water pressure, 600+ psi.  We will no longer repair this hose.  It probably can be used for lower pressure applications.
4. Ponn Nordic hose – Ratnik sold this hose for many years.  Any hose over 15 years old tends to have a fragile outer jacket and it tears.  For this reason we will not repair it.

If you have any questions, please contact us and send us photos of your damaged hose.