Cornice III Snowmaker

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The Cornice III is the latest line of small snowmakers from CHS Snowmakers. It is a hybrid air water snowmaker; internal mix snowgun technology paired with external mix technology. This snowmaker solves a problem many ski areas have and no one else has solved. A high producing, mobile low-energy gun. It is on a typical sled like any other ground air water snowmaker but only uses up to 150 CFM of air. As it gets colder, the air use goes down and water flow increases. When it is cold enough, you can open the Plus nozzle and add a lot more water to the mix.  If the normal low-energy towers do not work for you, take a look at the Cornice III.

Cornice III Plus snowmakers are in stock and can ship within a few days.

New Cornice III Plus Snowmaker on tripod $1990 (shipping NOT included)

add Sled $2490 (shipping NOT included)

Your choice of 1.5″ or 2″ cam lock fittings, male or female.



Cornice III customers

Beaver Meadows Resort, CO
Mickey McPhee, CT
Edina High School Cross Country Team
Several ice road builders in Canada
Cloquet, MN