Roger’s Hydrants

CHS Snowmakers is proud to announce our new supplier…

Roger’s Hydrant Company.  


hydrant-flow-controller pic

The World’s leading manufacturer of hydrants
for the snowmaking industry, providing
excellence for over 30 years.

Used for Snowmaking Systems and other applications requiring
a self-draining/frost-free hydrant.

When all is said and done, you can’t make snow without reliable hydrants.


Specially Designed Hydrants for your Underground Snowmaking Systems.

Hydrant Lenght Chart
Large, sure-grip handle can be easily adjusted even when covered with ice. Rugged aluminum handle is easily removed to prevent unauthorized valve adjustments.

A larger, more expensive pipe is not needed since the 1.5″ or 2″ galvanized steel riser pipe and valve design allows more than adequate water. All hydrants are custom-assembled to your specifications. We will provide any standard coupling or adapter you want. All internal parts are serviceable from above ground – no expensive time consuming excavation involved. Our tapered-seat valve seals tight and can be closed or opened easily under high water pressure with 6-8 turns from closed to open position.

The bronze alloy valve body is stronger than ordinary bronze.

Large-capacity, automatic drain with several drain holes instead of one, to minimize plugging and give you years of trouble-free service

Our drains are designed with simplicity in mind—to work every time.

Drains can be purchased separately for your custom application.

July 2015 announcement 

Rogers has added a new safety feature to all hydrants.  To learn more: RogersHydrantCo.SafetyFeature July 2015