Joka Gloves Photo Contest!

Joka gloves PHOTO CONTEST!
We are looking for photos of the Joka Polar gloves and the Joka Therm mittens in action in the snow. If you need to order some here is the link,

Send me your best photos making snow, shoveling snow, having fun or whatever else you can do with the Joka gloves or mittens by March 15th, 2018. We will pick the top 10 pictures and post them on Facebook for everyone to vote on. Voting will be simple, the most likes on a photo wins. What do you win? How about a free pair of Joka Polar gloves or Therm mittens (postage to the USA included).

Here are a few tips for the photos:

  • Make sure the gloves are easily seen near the middle of the photo and in focus.
  • Have what you are doing in the background like a snowgun.
  • Smile like you’re having fun working.
  • Make sure the lense of the camera is clean.
  • Have the Joka label visible.

Here are the rules:

  • Keep the pictures appropriate (G rated, I know how you are).
  • Enter as many photos as you want, but only send the best you have, no more than 3 emails per person.
  • Photos posted to Facebook won’t be included in the contest.
  • Send the full size file or send them using a dropbox. Email me if you’d like to share them using Google Drive.
  • You give CHS Snowmakers and Joka Safe the rights to use these photos for promotional material.

Let’s see how this goes!

Thank you,
Jason Sawin
Owner CHS Snowmakers
so the trolls don’t start spamming me (like they don’t already), piece my email together.