Snowmaking Services

CHS Snowmakers offers snowmaking services for the following:

  • Commercials

  • Movies

  • Ski Areas

  • XC Ski Areas

  • Tubing Hills

  • Special Events

  • Home Snowmaking

  • Rental Snowmaking

Portable snowmaking systems available for RENT:

Cornice III Snowmaker – This small portable air/water snowgun will flow up to 30 GPM and can run on lower water pressure.  You need to rent a 185 CFM air compressor or larger.  Hook this up to a fire hydrant or draw water from a pond or river.  1 available, with notice we can build more.
$500 per week, $1000 per month (pump & shipping not included)

Cornice Home Snowmakers – these small air/water snowguns can run with a 2 HP air compressor (included) and will flow up to 1.5 GPM to make your yard white with snow.

We can quote you weekly and monthly rates for these services.  Snowmaking is weather dependent and snowmaking services will be billed regardless if we have made snow or not.

Snowmaking for warm weather including indoor events, special events outdoors, weddings, parties, rail jams, etc..  We use shaved ice and availability is limited.  For longer duration events contact us about using a Snow Magic temperature independent snowmaking system.

Contact us for availability and a free quote.  Please provide us the following information:

  • Water supply – fire hydrant, stream or pond

  • Electrical supply – We need 3 phase 480 volts for fan or LP3 snowmakers or we can rent a generator.

  • Location – Is it in a residential area or out in the open.  How close is it to a gas station, hotels and restaurants.

  • Weather – please provide average high and low temps for the area during the time frame you would like the snow.

  • Purpose – Please inform us of the intended need for the snow and how much area needs to be covered.


Frisco Tubing Hill – 2010

Complete system 2010
The Frisco Tubing Hill is open and looks great.  Here is a photo just prior to opening on December 10th, 2010.  Thank you to the Town of Frisco for the photo.

Ruby Hill Railyard – 2007 and in 2008

This is one of three fan guns CHS Snowmakers was using to produce a bunch of snow for the first ever rail park in Denver in 2007.  This is Ruby Hill in the City of Denver and Winter Park Ski Area and Denver Parks and Rec. put on this free event that started Saturday January 20th, 2007.

Check out their website for more info – Ruby Hill Railyard.

A snowcat was brought in to push out and shape the snow for the terrain park.  Then a team of volunteers then placed the rails and shoveled snow in by hand to complete the park.

Here is opening day of the Ruby Hill Railyard with dozens of riders and even more media and spectators.  This was the first time anything like this has been done and we plan on doing it again next season.

Capital Square Sprints – 2007

Capital Square Sprints took place January 12-14, 2007 in Madison, WI on the streets around the capital.  Madison suffered from a very warm and dry winter but CHS Snowmakers was able to bring in the equipment and make enough snow for the event to take place for the third year.  This snow was trucked about 3 miles to the site and was spread on the streets with a snowcat to provide a FIS race course and rail park.

Frisco Nordic Center – 2006, 2007 and 2009

Frisco Nordic Center in CO called us back to make snow again and to make sure they have enough for the spring.  They purchased a fan gun and contracted with CHS to provide more equipment and personnel for the job.  In 2003 we made snow here with Cornice II Snowmakers.