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In May 2011 HKD Snowmakers and Turbocristal Snowmakers merged to form HKD Turbo. 

Since 1985 Turbocristal has been producing a high quality, high producing snowgun and now with years of research and development they are offering the all new Supercrystal.  It is a redesigned version of their successful Supercool line of guns with improved air flow and water flow along with better nucleation.

For more details and spec sheets on all Turbocristal products, go to

2014 HKD Turbo semi automatic

2011 HKD Turbo

2010 semi auto Supercrystal

NEW Supercrystal Economy - This is the same gun as the Supercrystal but without all the bells and whistles.  Not only is it extremely efficient, it is easy on the budget.  It is also easy on the electric bill, now available as a 30 amp gun.


TURBOCRISTAL projects 2010

Frisco Tubing Hill, CO - This is a brand new tubing hill and we supplied the engineering and a custom
 500 GPM VFD drive skid pump from Turbocristal, snowguns, hydrants, pedestals and hose.  The project is now complete and cranking the snow. 

The pump station foundation.                                       The 500 GPM VFD pump prior to the building.
First night of snowmaking on a generator.                    After 1,800,000 gallons of water converted to snow.

Great Bear, Sioux Falls, SD - We delivered four manual 30 amp Supercrystals.  This is solving a problem with multi nozzle fan guns and a lack of power on the hill.  this is a giant improvement over the multi nozzled fanguns that continued to clog and ice up.  We are converting one of these multi nozzle guns to a central nozzle.


Additional projects in the works 

TURBOCRISTAL projects 2009

Chapman Hill, Durango, CO - Canyon Construction of Durango, CO installed a turnkey snowmaking system with the Turbocristal engineering, design and equipment.  This system revived the Chapman Hill Ski Area in downtown Durango.  We supplied two automatic Supercrystals, a pump station and all pipe, hydrants and electrical pedestals.  Here is a video of the snowmaking demo at Chapman Hill in January 09.
Photos October 2009, project complete.  First night of snowmaking, each Supercrystal averaged 160 GPM.


Completed projects

Southfork Tubing Hill, Garden Valley, ID - We supplied one automatic Supercrystal and the new portable booster pump.  This is a brand new tubing hill with 110' of vertical and has a thrilling ride.

Montana State University - This project is completed and operational.  It includes a low pressure pump from a pond feeding a 500 GPM booster pump.  Four semi automatic fanguns provide the snow.

City of Madison tubing hill - We supplied them two used fan guns and a portable pump.  

Cloudmont, AL - This little hill in Alabama is increasing their snowmaking production by adding two more 30' LP's (total 4) and one semi auto Supercool Light winter 2009-10.

CHS Snowmakers and Turbocristal News

Watch videos of our new Supercrystal snowmaker
video 1

video 2
video 3



This is an automatic Supercrystal 15' tower.  The central nozzle design of this gun reduces moving parts on top of the tower drastically compared to other manufactures.  The central nozzle is easy to remove and replace minimizing downtown and increases safety.


New for 2011 is the super simple control panel for the automatic Supercrystal.  Less switches, but just enough to run in manual or bypass.  Single push functions, fault codes are spelled out, very easy for even a first year snowmaker to operate.  No cheat sheet needed on this automatic gun.  

Pictured above is the 2011 Supercrystal.  With it's wide range of water pressure (150 to 900psi) and a staggering water flow of 15 gpm to 250 gpm with a starting wet bulb temperature of 30 it is the ultimate snowmaking machine.  The biggest benefit to this machine is the fact it doesn't have a water filter for the central nozzle, filters are optional if your water has large chunks of stuff..  Clogged filters decrease snowmaking production and create many more hours of maintenance and the Supercrystal is the answer to your ongoing problems.  Available with different levels of automation it will allow you to make a perfect resurfacing snow to just what you need to lay down a firm base snow.

This is a close up view of the new central nozzle module with the stainless steel turbine.   The cone was designed in a wind tunnel to reduce air turbulence in the barrel, improved nozzle performance, improved neucleators and generally just the best design on the market.  For a spec sheet go to the SuperCrystal web page.

This is the only ski area in Alabama and the 
furthest southeast ski area, Cloudmont.  This is a semi auto Supercool Light making good durable snow in very marginal temperatures. 


This is the aftermath of the Sauron 20' low energy gun at Nordic Mountain in Wisconsin.  These piles are nearly 15' tall and were made during a recent cold spell.  Staff dug them out and made tunnels for the kids to ski through

 With the new partnership between Turbocristal and CHS Snowmakers we can offer you engineering, sales, service and turn key snowmaking systems.  Let us do the work for you and see how you can save money, make more snow, save energy and get a better long term investment.


The central nozzle is very easy to install on most other fanguns.  Normally the conversion will take 4 to 8 hours.  This is a cost effective way to get more years of life out of your snowgun.  Multi nozzle guns and older fan guns with outdated nozzle and nucleator technology, can be updated for the fraction of the cost of a new gun.  This is a very environentally friendly because very little energy is used to produce the central nozzle and convert the gun.  The fan gun needs to have good clean air flow from the fan, a working 5 HP air compressor and a working electrical cabinet.  The central nozzle can flow well over 200 GPM with high water pressure and below zero F temps.  This will take your old 75 to 110 GPM fan gun and make it a monster of a producer.  No other conversion offers such simplicity and a big increase in production.

SMI Wizzard conversion

This is a 1995 SMI Standard Wizzard with all of the water valves, hose and filter assembly removed.  The nozzle ring is left in place to maintain good air flow.  A 2" sch 80 welded pipe is placed in the center of the barrel to hold the central nozzle, a new air hose and an electric cord for the nucleator heaters are attached.  We painted this gun Turbocristal silver to give it a final touch.  The performance is better then expected, even with only a 15 HP fan. 

Hedco Snowcub conversion

This is a Hedco Snowcub conversion at Buttermilk in Aspen, CO.  It took them about a day to convert a gun that was high maintenance to a very low maintenance efficient gun.  Yearly maintenance now includes only serving the compressor.  The new central nozzle design has taken away nozzle, filter, heater and neucleator maintenance.

Buttermilk has 3 more of these guns they want to convert.  Basically you can have a near new gun for $6000.  The best part of this gun is how efficient it is, we tested it at 40 amps, 90+ mph discharge wind speed and greater throw than the other newer fan guns they have.  At colder temperatures this gun will out produce everything else on the market except the Supercrystal.
Watch some videos here
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

CHS Snowmakers TurboCristal customers:

Great Bear Ski Area, Sioux Falls, SD - Four manual 30 AMP Supercrystals, 2010
Town of Frisco, CO - New for 2010 is a tubing hill, we supplied the engineering for a 500 GPM VFD drive pump skid, hydrants, pedestals and two semi auto Supercrystals.
Eagle Point Club - Snow Warrior with booster pump
Montana State University - Two Supercrystals and two Supercool Lights, all automatic with system design and pump station. 2008
Taos, NM - Supercool Plus Hydraulic fanguns
Ski Santa Fe, NM - refurbished Supercool Plus x 2 and a fleet of Turbocristals
Sandia Peak, NM - fleet of older Turbocristal fanguns.
Hogadon, Casper, WY
Diamond Peak, NV
Noho Ski Area, CZ Republic - semi auto Supercrystal and LP 1-2 on a sled
Buttermilk, CO 3 Hedco Snowcub conversions

Durango Mtn, CO
City of Madison, WI - Two used fanguns and a portable booster pump.
Idaho X Sports Tubing Hill, ID - portable pump and semi auto Supercrystal
Chapman Hill, City of Durango, CO - two auto Supercrystals, pump station and system design
Huff Hills, ND - Sauron
June Mountain, CA - two Supercool Light manual fanguns.
Marquette Mountain, MI - Hedco conversion
Mt Crescent, IA - LP low energy stick guns


Conversion Chart
For more conversions go to Online Conversion.

CFM Cubic meter/min PSI BAR F C GPM L/min
5.7 0.16 60 4.13 32 0 1 3.785
11.3 0.32 90 6.2 28 -2.2 5 18.92
11.8 0.33 100 6.9 25 -3.8 10 37.85
18.1 0.51 150 10.35 20 -6.6 20 75.70
24.3 0.68 200 13.78 15 -9.4 40 151.41
50 1.41 300 20.6 10 -12.2 60 227.12
75 2.12 400 27.6 0 -17.7 100 378.54
185 5.2 500 34.5 -10 -23.3 110 416.39


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