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Clearance - 3 - 40 pound bags of Quick Snow for $500 each.

Quick Snow used for a scale model display

We have decided to discontinue offering Quick Snow.  We have several pounds available, but do not offer the small 8oz bottles anymore.  These prices are the same as a few years ago.  July 23, 2012

Quick-Snow is a CHS Snowmakers' original product.  We now have 8 oz water bottles of Quick Snow.  Just use the cap to measure the snow and add 1/3 cup of water to watch it expand right before your eyes!  When you're done with the Quick Snow you can rinse and re-use the water bottle.  We do custom package Quick Snow into small "baggies" with custom labels for your business such as "Steamboat Snow" with your logo.  Please contact us for pricing and availability for custom label.  Mix 6 parts water to 1 part Quick Snow.

2 pound, 3.5 pound and 15 pound bucket                                 8oz water bottle

Quick Snow 2 pound jar $56 + s&h

in stock

Quick Snow 3.5 pound jar $94 + s&h In stock

Quick Snow 15 pound bucket $345 + s&h In stock

Quick Snow 20 pound bucket $420 + s&h In stock

Quick Snow 40 pound bag

$760 + s&h

2 In stock

To order more then one package of Quick-Snow, click "Add to Cart" and change quantity when you are in the Shopping Cart.

Shipping for 4 oz bags, 8 oz bottles, 2 and 3.5 pound jars are by USPS Priority Mail.  15 pound bucket and up in size will be shipped by FedEx or UPS.  Shipping in USA only at these prices, international shipping extra.

Mix 6 parts water to 1 part dry powder to make great snow.


Contact us  for special events such as: birthdays, parties, commercials and even for a White Christmas.  

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