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Cornice Plus snowmakers in stock

January 2015

The Cornice Snow maker is ideal for home snow making use.  Use it for a White Christmas, make a sledding hill, or even build your own backyard terrain park.  To make snow you will need below freezing weather, the Cornice Snowmaker, a water supply (minimum 65 psi), an air compressor and high quality garden hose (no pressure washer pump needed).  If you have an air compressor we can match up the cfm (cubic feet per minute) of it to the nozzle sizes listed in red below.  

You have many home snow maker options, so why should you buy a Cornice Snowmaker?  See below.

What if I get one of those "all in one" snowmakers?  You will be able to make snow at home with 110 volts and a garden hose but for over $2000 (not including shipping) and it is heavy and difficult to move around.  The air compressor and pressure washer pump are not usable by themselves and it is not able to produce enough air volume at higher altitudes to make snow.

How about the "high pressure" snowmakers?  These snowmakers use a pressure washer pump to supply hundreds to over 1000psi of water to the snowmaker.  You are not able to adjust snow quality so when the temperature is warmer the snow will be wet and freeze as ice and when it is very cold you can't add water to make more snow.  The water and air flows are fixed.

What about making my own snowmaker?  There are several designs on the internet that use hardware store parts.  It can cost several hundred dollars in parts to build a good one and you have to make your own nozzle.  They tend to freeze easily and are not very efficient.

Why should I buy the Cornice Snowmaker?  
It is lightweight and easy to move around, the heavy air compressor stays in one spot without an extension cord, easy and inexpensive to add more snowmakers, change nozzles to increase production with a larger air compressor or colder temperatures, easier to use on steep slopes, adjustable snow quality and it can make snow at warmer temperatures and higher elevations.  Our unique manifold design allows the water to warm the snowmaker to minimize freeze ups, plus it is inexpensive.  We have been producing the Cornice Snowmaker since 2002 and have customers worldwide and with great customer support.  We never have had one customer return their snowmaker for a refund.

We  have been busy with an improved design for the Cornice Snowmaker.  We added an additional water nozzle and when the temperature is cold enough we just open a valve and more than double the gallons per minute.  Most of this pile was made in just 11 hours, total depth is about 5' and there was less than 2' from the night before.  We reached 3.3 gpm using a 2 HP DeWalt air compressor and a 1 HP booster pump.  We can convert your existing Cornice Snowmaker for $200 and we now offer the Cornice Plus Snowmaker..
Contact us for more information on this break though in home snowmaking.



The Cornice Snowmaker needs three elements to work: water, compressed air, and cold temperatures.  Additives aren't needed to make snow.

The Cornice Snowmaker comes with two quick change nozzles matched to your air compressor.  It uses between 6 and 20 cfm of air and flows .5 gpm to 5 gpm of water.  See chart below for nozzle sizes and approximate gallons per minute of water (gpm) and air flow (cfm).  GPM dependent on water pressure.

Nozzle          gpm            cfm
95/20,*       .5 -1.5,       6-7       
95/30,*       1-2,            7-9       
95/40,         1.5-3,         8-10
95/50,         2-3,            10-12
95/60,         2-4,            11-15
95/70,         2-5,            12-20

*The 95/20 and 95/30 have the lowest noise levels.  Flows are approximate. 

The Cornice Snowmaker comes with an adjustable tripod that works well on any hillside.  The tripod is lightweight yet heavy duty and is designed for surveyors equipment.  It has a strap with a buckle that secures the legs and the strap makes for an easy carry handle.  Heavier duty tripod available for only $80 more.

The Cornice Snowmaker operates best with air pressure between 65 and 90 psi.  Water pressure can be as low as 65 psi yet 100 psi or greater improves production.  To increase water psi scroll down and look at the electric pump we have available.

The Cornice Snowmaker is easy to use.  It must be 27 F wet bulb or colder to make snow.  Here is a set up list (Detailed instructions come with the snowmaker):
1. Place snowmaker on tripod in location where you want to make snow. 
2. Hook up dry 3/4" garden hose from air compressor to snowmaker using the adapter check valve. 
3. Hook up garden hose to water spigot and hook up to snowmaker. 
4. Turn on air and water to snowmaker. 
5. Adjust air and water valves on snowmaker until you are making snow.

Here is the snow a Cornice Snowmaker provided Peter's family in the Netherlands in the December 2010.  It doesn't normally snow very much at their house, but the Cornice came through for them.

The Cornice Snowmaker can make a blizzard of fun in your front yard and you will see results in the first few minutes of snowmaking.

This snow was made over night with the 95/30 nozzle on the Cornice Snowmaker and the photo was taken a few days later.

The Cornice Snowmaker adds the final touch to your Christmas decorations.  Just think you can be the only one on the block with a White Christmas every year.

A simple way to increase snow production is to increase the water pressure.  A simple sprinkler pump with an on/off switch can boost your water pressure by 80 psi.

Max water pressure for the Cornice Snowmaker is 250 psi.  For higher pressures contact us.

You local new stations may take notice of your snow.  Here is some of the news coverage we received.

Denver's WB2 news Dan Daru covering the Cornice Snowmaker just in time for a White Christmas.  December 5, 2002.

WB2 liked the snowmaker so much they did another story on Christmas Eve.  Also Fox 31news did a story on December 23, 2002.  If you make snow in your yard maybe the news stations will want to film you!

The Cornice Snowmaker makes very durable snow.  Just keep making snow and let it pile up and take bets on how long it will last.  This 8' deep pile lasted till April 14th.


Below is a list of our snowmaking packages for the Cornice Snowmaker.  


Shipping included on all items on this page (Continental US only)
No hidden costs, the prices listed below are exactly what you pay.  Contact us for international shipping quotes. 


Pay securely with any major credit card through Pay Pal!
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck

We also accept checks by mail.  Email us with your order and shipping info and we will prepare your order.  When we receive your check we will ship your order.  Make checks payable to CHS Snowmakers and mail to 8143 S Carr CT Littleton, CO 80128.  Email us at


Cornice Plus Snowmaker.  This is the Cornice Plus snowmaker with the extra nozzle added on to greatly increase snow production.  You will need at least 100 psi of water pressure (pump below will provide that) and the DeWalt 2 HP air compressor or larger air compressor.  When you order, please provide the CFM of air your air compressor has so we can size the nozzle properly.

$950.00 + $49 shipping = $999 IN STOCK



TWO 3/4" x 50' Econo flo garden hoses, $90. (shipping included when ordered with Cornice Snowmaker)


Boost your water pressure by as much as 80 psi with this portable 115 volt water pump.  We have it complete with all the fittings you need for your Cornice Snowmaker.  If your water pressure is below 65 psi you will need this.  If it is between 65 psi and 100 psi the Cornice Snowmaker will work but production is lower than it can be.  Boost the psi above 100 psi and watch your Cornice Snowmaker really crank out the snow.

$250 + $25 shipping = $275

Large image

 3/4" x 50' wildland fire garden hose.  This hose has the same pressure ratings as the rubber hose but is much lighter.  The couplings are not crush proof.

$90 each includes shipping


Quick Change Nozzles for Cornice Snowmaker (any size) - Order more for replacements or for larger volumes of snow.  The Nozzle Body is the base for any of the nozzles listed below and it has 1/4" FNPT.

$20.00  per brass nozzle and brass nozzle body, shipping included.  Nozzle body is required for nozzles, has 1/4" FNPT.

Nozzle gpm cfm  
Nozzle Body  N/A  N/A

95/20*  .5 - 1.5  5 - 7
95/30*  1 - 2  7 - 9
95/40  1.5 - 3  8 - 10
95/50  2 - 3  10 - 12
95/60  2 - 4  11 - 15
95/70  2 - 5  12 - 20

*The 95/20 and 95/30 have the lowest noise levels.

Leather insulated and water proof winter work gloves, these are the best gloves for snowmaking.  Large only

$12.00 + $5 for shipping = $17

Order gloves in bulk and save.  Six pairs for $9 each, $64 with shipping

Conversion Chart
For more conversions go to Online Conversion.

CFM Cubic meter/min PSI BAR F C GPM L/min
5.7 0.16 60 4.13 32 0 1 3.785
11.3 0.32 90 6.2 28 -2.2 5 18.92
11.8 0.33 100 6.9 25 -3.8 10 37.85
18.1 0.51 150 10.35 20 -6.6 20 75.70
24.3 0.68 200 13.78 15 -9.4 40 151.41
50 1.41 300 20.6 10 -12.2 60 227.12
75 2.12 400 27.6 0 -17.7 100 378.54
185 5.2 500 34.5 -10 -23.3 110 416.39


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