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The Cuchara Ski Area in southern Colorado last operated in 2000.  Several attempts to reopen it failed due to a lack of snow and strong winds.  CHS Snowmakers is liquidating nearly all of the equipment on the private land for the new land owner.  Items include snowmaking pumps, hydrants, pedestals, hose, older snowguns, light towers, parted out Pisten Bully snowcats, BR 400 tillers and two 1980 double Riblet chairlifts.  For more infomation, please email us for a packet.  April 29, 2016.

Cuchara Ski Area liquidation

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The snow has already started to fly in the western USA.  If you are thinking about installing summer tubing in 2016, let us know so we can come out and map out your hill.  By mapping it out before the snow, we can properly engineer your hill and provide a great proposal this winter.  For $995 plus travel expense, we will come to your site and map it out.  The $995 applies to your purchase in 2016. Contact Jason Sawin Owner CHS Snowmakers 303.818.5923

Plan now for your summer Bumper Tubing in 2016

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I just got off the phone with Cory Bradburn, one of the owners of Tube Shaper. I was able to work a deal for an early season reason to order a Tube Shaper to make your tubing hill better than ever. We have a lot of interest in people requesting demo units to open with, but the bottom line is, we can’t accommodate everyone’s requests. Nearly 80% of the demo units result in sales because people love them. We can provide customer testimonials like Brian Head, UT, Ski Campgaw, NJ, Sapphire Valley, NC and many others to help you make this important decision. Here is the deal. Order by October 15, 2015 and pay 50% down ($12,000 list price) and you will be put at the top of the list and we will include free freight all across the USA. The remaining 50% doesn’t have to be paid till after your tubing hill opens or by December 31, 2015, which ever comes first. We are finalizing a deal with a new manufacturer to build the Tube Shaper in Colorado and Pennsylvania. This manufacturer will be able to produce the Tube Shaper faster, cleaner and less welding. With their two locations, shipping will be faster and easier. Here is a very happy customer. “The Tube Shaper is a very simple but well designed piece of equipment. Makes it so anybody can cut tubing lanes that are very clean and safe in a very short time. We were able to go from 8 to 12 lanes in the same area in one half the time. Ed Capela Mountain operations Ski Campgaw, NJ” Give me a call or email if interested. Thanks Jason Sawin Owner CHS Snowmakers 303.818.5923          

Order your Tube Shaper early for free shipping

           We hope you get a chance to swing by and say high at the MSAA Midwest show at Alpine Valley Resort, WI August 16 to 19 (  We won’t have the Bumper Tubing hill set up this year (getting ready for a big set up at the Summer operations show in September), but we will have a lot of information on our 4 tubing hills that were built and are in operation from this summer.  These tubing hills include Breckenridge, CO, Brian Head, UT, Gunstock, NH and Lake Lanier, GA.  All 4 tube hills are different and the Breckenridge Tube hill has a long turn to it.  All ride very smooth, fast and are enjoyable for all ages (Breck is only for the kids).  If you are at the show let’s also talk snowmaking including the new safety feature of the Rogers hydrants, Niedner hose longevity and the advantages of Drift.

MSAA show at Alpine Valley, WI August 16 to 19, 2015